Preparing to Sit a Lot

I like doing a hard run or workout just before a trip. I want to go into a long flight or drive, or series of day long meetings feeling that my legs deserve a rest and that this inactivity is not so bad.

On most trips (business or vacation) it is difficult to keep up the running at a high level. So my theory is to go all out on the morning of the trip or the night before, recover during the trip and then try to make it up again when I get back.

I don’t know anyone else who does this but it works for me.

This trip is 2 weeks long but the many preparations kept me from doing anything really long or hard. I ran the evening before and again a couple hours before the flight but each time was maybe half an hour. It cleared my head (which definitely needed doing)  but it didn’t do much for my legs.

Right now I am in a middle seat on a 9 hour flight with the seat back in front of me leaned way back in my face. So I can’t even roam the aisles or stretch very far.

A lot of sitting still

I always plan lots of exercise on these trips. I pack all my running gear, skipping rope, stretch bands. I check out running routes from hotels. I plan to get up early before the heat.

But inevitably it never goes as expected and I don’t have the energy or I value my sleep. But if I could measure it in good intentions, I would be running for at least an hour every day.

But if I don’t get it in, at least I can run when I get home.

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

One thought on “Preparing to Sit a Lot”

  1. I’m not sure who else does it, but I certainly do what you do. I always have my long run or two intense back-to-back runs before a trip so that I can relax during the trip. It also helps me clear my head and stops me from being nervous or hyperactive while cramped in a smaller space.

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