Running in Calgary and the Rockies

Are you a runner just visiting Calgary and wanting to know what Calgary and Banff has to offer for runners?

Or a Calgarian just getting into running?

Well, have we got a running scene for you. From trails to pathways, big events to wild remote places, running groups to solitude, flat long runs to epic peaks to conquer. This place is amazing for runners.

Where to run

In Calgary

Calgary is full of great running spots. The valleys along the Bow River and the Elbow River offer countless opportunities to experience the trails, and pathway systems which seem to go on forever. Lots of people start downtown and run along the beautiful rivers. Morning, lunchtime and evenings, it is packed with runners, in both summer and winter. And don’t discount actual real hard core trails inside the city limits.



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Heard at the dinner table

“Of course I am in a good mood, I just went for a run”

“Its Saturday tomorrow Dad, where are we racing this week?”

“We need to get to bed early tonight, it’s Friday. We have to get up early for a race tomorrow”

A running family
So many shoes, so many choices


“Don’t think of it as vegetables, think of it as fuel”

A family that runs together … Eats a lot and has a lot of shoes

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