September is Race Month in Calgary!

The race calendar is packed full this month! September is always busy for running races. Not only is school starting again, everyone is back from vacation, but people are setting new goals. Get going on those fitness goals by signing up for a race. Maybe it’s not a goal race, but it could be a tuneup race, or your first time out there to test yourself.

Whether you’ve been running all summer, or are starting up again with new goals for the Fall, September is a great time to see what you’re made of.

And if you happen to be in Calgary or area, check out my list of Upcoming Calgary Races this month. More race details and links here.


The weekend is almost here. Are you signed up yet?

Trail Feature – Channel Parkway Penticton

It’s tough to get a photo of the the Channel Parkway in Penticton without any people in it. It is a very popular running and biking route.

The route is as flat as can be. It is about 5km each way between Okanagan Lake and Skaha Lake. There really is no good loop. It is best to run it out and back since anything else would be down city streets.



You can start at the SS Sicamous which is a steamer ship turned museum. Parking would be along the beach front. Then turn around at the beach front on Skaha Lake.



Most of the route used to be a rail bed. It is paved for bicycles with a graveled pathway immediately beside.


When the weather is hot there is a ton of tourists floating down the channel. You pass a golf course, log house building company, rodeo grounds, and the airport runway. And of course since this is a tourist town there is opportunity on both ends and in the middle to refresh yourself with drinks, ice cream, or water.

You definitely won’t be alone on this route, despite what my pictures show.

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