Trail Feature – Ranger Summit to Strange Brew

Starting in West Bragg Creek in Kananaskis are a ton of trails. If you go on a Tuesday night like we did or a Saturday you will realize that the mountain bikers just love these trails. Well, the trail runners do too.

A long way up
Whizzed past this rest area on the way down
A maze of trails

Our group of 25 trail runners started up Ranger Summit. This is about 5k mostly up hill. Maybe half of it is runnable, the rest is runnable if you really push it. At the top you can go longer going down another hill, or your can double back along Strange Brew. Strange Brew is almost all downhill. It is fun downhill. You can go really fast. And there aren’t too many roots to trip you up. But there are a few as the runner behind me found out the hard way with scrapes and blood to tell the tale.

Fast, curvey trails
No wet spots today
Snow shoe trails in the winter


Tonight the bikers were mostly going our direction. So we passed them in the uphills, and they whipped past us on the downhills. They were having a lot of fun too.

10k loop


This was a 10k loop with about 350m of elevation.

Lots of fun for an after work run with friends from the Calgary Trail Runners Meetup group.

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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