Cross Training at the Drop of a Hat

On a whim, my 14 year old daughter and I signed up for an open water 500m race. We had one day to prepare. We had been swimming weekly in April but not much since. She has never swum much in a lake and was freaked out about the fish and weeds. We got out twice the day before to calm out fears but it didn’t help much.

Last minute warmup swim the night before

The lake was choppy and it was chilly water. But in the excitement and the mass start we forgot our fears and ran in and joined the throng.

Mass start of 100 people or so. Crazy!

She is a great swimmer and was confident in the length. She was ahead of me in no time. I was struggling to get in the swing of things and took a long time to get my stroke dialed in. She beat me by several minutes. Probably not the last time I will get beat by her, I’m afraid.

We are out there somewhere

Her fears propelled her to finish with a great time. She conquered her fears and is ready to go even longer next year.

I had signed up to swim with her and talk her through it but I sure got my workout too. I was exhausted for the rest of the morning but she recovered quickly.

My amazing daughter

I love being able to just jump in and join in whatever cross training presents itself. Even if I am not fully prepared. And hopefully my kids are learning that it isn’t all about winning but doing your best. And trying something new even if you know you aren’t that great at it.

Easy Does It

It has been 14 days since my race and I am still taking it easy. Those around me don’t think I am taking it easy but it is all relative. We are on a family vacation and I am still running nearly every day and going on long bike rides. We played golf and tennis and went swimming on the beach. In our family of 4, half of us appreciate the extra time on a vacation when you can do this sort of thing. The other 50% are sleeping as long as possible and devouring books. Either way we are rejuvenating.


The back of both my knees still feel stretched and ache when I walk a long ways but when I run it is okay. Biking is okay since my legs don’t fully extend.

We only have one more full day so we are currently in the planning / negotiating stage of how to fill that day. I of course want to keep going hard. The rest of the family, not so much.


The next 2 weeks will be packed full of busyness with school starting, me leaving for 2 weeks for work, and catch up from vacation. So running priorities will be altered from the optimum.

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