Trail Feature – Campbell Mtn Penticton

I had to search a little for running trails around Penticton but I found some good ones. I was looking for something between the flatter old rail beds, and the extreme downhill mountain biking trails.

Campbell Mountain overlooks Penticton from the east side. I drove just past the compost land fill and found a pullout with 3 other cars. There is a forest service road with a gate leading up the mountain. I started up this road but quickly found the trails that headed in the same direction. Some of the trails were more extreme than others and only a few were runnable in the uphill direction.



The top of the mountain was 3 km along these trails. I kept the road within a few hundred meters so I wouldn’t get lost. It wouldn’t be that hard to get lost or head in the wrong direction, especially when getting back to the car, unless you can keep an eye on the road.




Beautiful trails. Very quiet on a weekday morning. There was one other runner and 2 vehicles of bikers. Otherwise it was very quiet.


I met a coyote but unfortunately otherwise no animals. And the view was rather smoky today (and all week).


6 km return to the cell towers and back. 200m vertical.

I need more time around here to discover a few more of these trails.

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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