Not the Usual Horizontal Movement at a Faster Pace

This last week has been my recovery week and so my running regime has been tempered a lot.

My race was on Saturday and I seriously did not run again until Friday. Very odd, I know. I had energy after a couple days but my left leg was complaining and I was moving quite a bit slower even while walking. I went on a short bike ride Saturday and then ran again on Sunday. Monday I rode my bike. I went on some family walks over the week too.

The other problem with running this week and next is that we are visiting and holidaying for 2 weeks. Regular schedules are much harder to follow even if I have more time to burn.

Maybe the most significant challenge with exercise this week is the smoke from wildfires. It is incredibly thick and it is rare to see anyone outside exercising. I imagine it feels like smoking while doing a 10k. I guess I wouldn’t know what that feels like but I have a better appreciation for those that don’t have full lung capacity and have burning throats. I am sure glad to not have any asthma. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the smoke is going to dissipate this week.


Of course I can’t go to the beach without running while there. I realized again what it takes to run in sand. It does a number on your calves. Good thing I am starting with strong calves from all my hill climbing this summer. It was probably less than one km.


Even in the middle of this beachy tourist town I did find some vegetation to run past (but it only took 3 seconds to get past). I miss the trails of the mountains already. I might have to go exploring a little further out around here to get my fix.


So for now we are mostly biking. We did some tennis and frisbee golf so we are not being inactive. It is a bit of a relief not to have to run so much as I have over the last few months.

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