No Pigeons at this Fire Lookout

Our hike this weekend took us to Barrier Lake in Kananaskis. We followed a well traveled trail up to Pigeon Fire Lookout that was a viewpoint 500m above the lake.


We took our time geocaching and taking lots of photos all the way up and down. I was jealous of one runner on his way down but I thought the bikers were crazy. Most people, like us, were just hiking up for the view at the top by the fire lookout.


It is a wide rocky trail most of the way that would hardly be runnable on the way up but would be a lot of fun on the way down.


The last couple hundred meters to the cliff face are definitely worth all the effort to climb the hill. There are amazing vistas of the Rocky Mountain peaks on the area.


Too bad the horizon was clouded over with smoke from wildfires so the pictures weren’t as clear as could be. Looking one direction was prairie as far as we could see and the other was the rugged Rocky Mountains.




And of course as soon as we got back down we cooled off in the lake.

I might have to come back here to run this trail.

5k each way. 500m vertical.

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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