Drop everything, let’s do this

When your teen daughters want to go running with you, you drop everything.

This happened two evenings in a row. I am one lucky guy to have daughters who want to spend time with me and want to go running.

Not running, but spending time together

On Thursday I first took one daughter for a 5k jaunt, then when we got back the other was ready to go. My wife even took up the last leg of the run.

Then on Friday as I was heading out the door it was obvious one of them wanted to accompany me again. So we went 7km on the trails behind the house.

We do a lot more than just run together: camping, hiking, geocaching, snow ball fights and washing dishes.

I’ve got a pretty cool family.

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

2 thoughts on “Drop everything, let’s do this”

  1. That’s not just “pretty cool” family – that’s an amazing, fantastic family! That must be an enormous supportive feeling for you. I was about to write: You’re very lucky, but a brief reflection suggests that luck is not likely to be a big factor. I expect they’re responding to a “pretty cool” father/husband.

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