It’s a Wrap – July

July has been a monstrous month of vertical and distance. And there is good reason I am anxious for this tapering to hit full swing next week. Both because I am exhausted, and because I have chores to catch up on.

IMG_20150730_200721040 (721x1280)


Single-track Trails within City Limits: 20 runs (trails of any sort have obviously been my focus)

Mountain Trails: 7 runs (vertical, vertical, vertical)

City Paved Pathways: 2 runs (speedwork hasn’t been a thing this month)

393 km (I have a few hours left in July, should I make it an even 400?)
Update: I couldn’t help myself so with a couple hours left in July I bumped it up to 402km.

11,000+m Vertical (this may sound like a lot for a month, but they do this in one race for the Hardrock 100)

Longest Run: 50km (I didn’t do any extra chores that day. Utterly exhausted)

Shortest Run: 3.8km (short ones can be a lot of fun too)

IMG_20150721_175109473 (576x1024)

That should mostly wrap up the big running months for the year.

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

One thought on “It’s a Wrap – July”

  1. Kevin, I’m surprised at this blog entry. I thought you were inexhaustible!! But all this climbing up & down must really put you in a good position for Ironlegs. I am looking forward to reading your reports.

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