It’s a Wrap – July

July has been a monstrous month of vertical and distance. And there is good reason I am anxious for this tapering to hit full swing next week. Both because I am exhausted, and because I have chores to catch up on.

IMG_20150730_200721040 (721x1280)


Single-track Trails within City Limits: 20 runs (trails of any sort have obviously been my focus)

Mountain Trails: 7 runs (vertical, vertical, vertical)

City Paved Pathways: 2 runs (speedwork hasn’t been a thing this month)

393 km (I have a few hours left in July, should I make it an even 400?)
Update: I couldn’t help myself so with a couple hours left in July I bumped it up to 402km.

11,000+m Vertical (this may sound like a lot for a month, but they do this in one race for the Hardrock 100)

Longest Run: 50km (I didn’t do any extra chores that day. Utterly exhausted)

Shortest Run: 3.8km (short ones can be a lot of fun too)

IMG_20150721_175109473 (576x1024)

That should mostly wrap up the big running months for the year.

Sideshow Bob – Trail Running in the City

Some of the seldom-travelled trails in the city are definitely worth trying out. I ran these trails on the banks of the Bow River in Bowmont Park in Calgary with my kids last night and thoroughly enjoyed them.

IMG_20150730_200159559 (721x1280)

IMG_20150730_200212775 (1280x721)

We saw some beavers, ate lots of saskatoons, heard rustling in the trees (deer and squirrels, I hope), huffed and puffed on the steep uphills, and awed at the river at sunset. We didn’t have to get out to the mountains to experiene the amazingness of creation.

I don’t think I have ever seen the name “Sideshow Bob” on any map or trail head anywhere, but I’ve heard it among the trail runners in the area. Even the mountain bikers like this trail, although seldom is anyone on the trail at all.

IMG_20150730_200510651 (1280x721)

IMG_20150730_200721040 (721x1280)

IMG_20150730_202346897 (1280x721)

IMG_20150730_211218356 (1280x721)

IMG_20150730_211943787_HDR (721x1280)

We even got a sunset over the Bow River as we were finishing up.

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