Bladder Troubles (The Plastic Type, Not The Organ)

I’m getting frustrated with my running bladders. I’ve been buying the cheaper ones and they have been springing leaks. The first one a couple years ago was “experienced” (used) and after bouncing around in my oversized pack, it developed a few small holes. After taping, gluing and otherwise trying to patch the holes I bought a new one.

The next one developed a leak from a safety pin rubbing on it. The next one after that started leaking on one of the creases from probably too much pressure from bounching around. I unsurprisingly neglected to always pack extra stuff (weight) in the pack to keep the bladder from moving around when it was more empty. The leaking hasn’t been terrible but after an hour, the whole bottom of the pack would be wet. So I wasn’t losing much water, but it was annoying to have everything in the pack all wet. And when things like your TP gets all wet, you can get very frustrated.

IMG_20150723_161650965 (1280x721)

So just today I went out to get another one. This one is advertised as more durable than the last few cheap ones I’ve had. Also, I’m trying to fasten the bladder a little tighter in my bag and stuff a shirt in that compartment so it doesn’t bounce so much. The material looks more durable (but heavier). And the hose / fittings / opening don’t look as cool as the last one I had.

So we’ll see how this one turns out. First run, in about 10 minutes.

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