If it ain’t broken in yet, don’t race in it

My new shoes, just like any new running shoes I buy these days, need to be broken in. And it always seems my right foot needs more breaking in than my left. With my latest shoes, I have done 3 runs, and on each run after about 20 minutes my right foot has been going numb and tingly. The left a little but mostly the right. On one of the runs, my whole leg went tingly for 10 minutes before I was able to shake it out.

It has been this way with shoes that have a lot of drop and shoes that have only a little. Whether I run on pavement or on trails. And it usually lasts a couple weeks. Maybe I have weird feet that need to distort the soles. Maybe I don’t have much blood flow in my feet to start with.

I guess it is just the way it is. I will have to live with breaking in shoes. A reminder to wear your new shoes a few times before a race so you know how your feet will react.

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