Running on Less – Money, That Is

I am pretty cheap when it comes to buying stuff for running so I am constantly looking for deals and ways to get things to last longer.

For example, there are recipes to make your own energy gels, directions to build your own gaiters, and modify your shoes with screws to create winter running cleats. You can strap your gels to your pocket-less shorts with safety pins instead of buying a special strap. You can borrow “Runner’s World” from the library either hard copy or e-version, instead of buying it. You can register early for races. You can share a hotel room at a distance race.

If you don’t mind not having the latest fashionable (read expensive) running paraphenalia you can save yourself a lot of money for whatever you do besides running. (admittedly, for some of us, that’s not much)

Here’s a great article from Trail Runner Magazine entitled “12 Cheap Running – Gear Hacks”. It shows can you can create and modify stuff you already have to prevent having to go buy new stuff. Click here for the article.

Another article here about using stuff longer, or finding discounts.

There’s lots more advice out there, just Google some of the blog sites like, or blogger. Look in the blogs for money saving measures, not the company websites because they just want you to buy the latest stuff.

One of my strategies is to let my garage-sale guru wife know what I am looking for (like a prefectly good running bladder or old copies of running magazines) and then she might eventually find it at a steal at some garage sale. It won’t be today or tomorrow, but eventually. Hopefully I haven’t lost patience, given up and just gone out and bought new.

Patience saves money. And it also helps if you don’t mind not having the latest.

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

One thought on “Running on Less – Money, That Is”

  1. I agree! Just picked up a pair of Brooks Ravenna 5’s at Dicks Sporting goods clearanced at 30.00 trade off is that they are a florescent greenish/yellow. Yes I am cheap too….

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