30 more days to figure this out

One month – 30 days – and counting. Two more massive weeks of training, then two really easy weeks. Right now my legs are looking forward to the easy weeks, and then the 2 weeks vacation immediately following the race.

I need to figure out a few things before my ultra-marathon on August 15th – 80k Ironlegs race:

1) How to get my bladder from leaking (my backpack bladder, not the other one)

2) What food to bring with me. Can ‘man’ live on Clifbars and water alone? Of course there are aid stations, but you never know. There is an aid station every 2 – 2.5 hours or so for the 12 hours duration I am expecting. The previous longest race I’ve done is 6.5 hours.

3) I’ve never worried about salt intake. Maybe I will stash Pringles at the drop points. I’ve never tried salt tablets. Worth a shot?

4) Shoes. I am getting a new pair of shoes in the next week or so. That might be a hard decision. I need to break them in a bit before I subject them to gruelling techincal trails.

5) What do you put in a drop bag? Food, extra socks, tylenol? Anything else?

6) I have a 2 litre water bladder. That is a lot of weight if it is full, especially for 4200m of vertical. Should I risk not filling it all the way up? Maybe I should see how hot it is out first.

7) Audiobooks to forget the pain? Or bask in the sounds of nature for 12 hours? Maybe a combination. My battery won’t last nearly that long anyway.

8) Bear spray? I always bring bear spray on these trails but maybe there will be enough people on the trail to keep the bears hunkered down for the day.

Yup, we’re going up and over that mountain.

Happy trails!

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

2 thoughts on “30 more days to figure this out”

  1. Good luck, Kevin – you’ve sure got your work cut out for you!

    I would definitely try out salt tablets. S-Caps are very popular and you know exactly how much sodium you’re ingesting. I’ve just started using them, after two DNF in the heat. I’m pretty sure my main problem was insufficient sodium intake. (I sweat like the proverbial pig.) Also, some Gu flavors now have up to 180 mg sodium, so that could help.

    For food I stand with the conventional wisdom – don’t put new foods in your stomach on race day. Stick with what you know works. That said, you have time to experiment. I handle bananas, sliced oranges, boiled potatoes, and pretzel M&Ms well. Also, I like Cliff Builder bars to make sure I get in some protein.

    I don’t use a bladder – the space is too useful for other stuff. I generally carry a very light rain shell, headlamp, some Cliff bars, tape, and bandages, along with Gu and two water bottles. My drop bag has spare shoes, dry socks and shirts, and sundries like sunblock, bug repellent, ibuprofen, and Body Glide.

    I’m running a 50-miler in a week and will post about it, so you’ll be able to read about how my hydration/sodium/fueling strategy worked out, if you’re interested.


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