Snakes, Cacti and Hills – Inspired in the Badlands

I found the Alberta Badlands a truly unique place to run trails and hills and then to watch the sunset. The big sky, the lonely trails, the steep hills, and the ancient feeling of it all.

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And of course the hazards: cacti, rattlesnakes, extreme heat, and risk of getting lost all add to the mystique of it.

We camped for 5 nights at Dinosaur Provincial Park in eastern Alberta. We found lots of places to explore and enjoyed discovering new corners, and the unexpected wildlife: flowers, birds, bugs, deer, snakes, rabbits.

Climbing one of the thousands of hills and watching the sunset was one my favourite memories.

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IMG_20150709_091023557 (1024x576)

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We did see 3 snakes (2 rattlesnakes) in 5 days which strongly encouraged me to not veer off the main trail at all.

This is definitely a place not to miss on your cross-Canada tour. It is off the highway by 30 minutes but worth spending a night or two.

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