Napping at the top means there’s a view

My hill repeats on Saturday were perfectly located to allow me a quick nap at the top just before my final descent and then a cold river to jump into to prevent my legs from seizing up.

On my last trip up it was very quiet at the top so I was able to lay down and stare at the clouds and enjoy the quiet and wonder at my stubbornness to do such crazy training. My normal hill repeat location is adjacent to an off leash dog park so laying down is asking for doggy kisses and slobber. This hill was much more remote and I took advantage of it. Too bad it is not closer to home so I can do it more often.

The day was so hot that my water was easily gone before I was done, even though most of the hill is in the trees. But the cold mountain water was very refreshing to jump into and sit for ten minutes.

But after 45 minutes in the car on the way home I was still pretty stiff getting out of the car even with the ice cold river water to soak in.

Not everyone can have these perfect hills in their backyard but I wouldn’t mind one.

Not every nap location has a view but this one does

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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