Surveillance video for motivation

I ran a new route on Saturday which was along a lonely rural road that was the access road to the provincial prison. The frontage of the prison is about 2km long and I couldn’t help thinking I was on video the whole time even though I couldn’t see the cameras or the actual security personnel.

When you are on video you can’t stop for a walk or pee break because you know they are watching you close and trying to figure you out. Why would I be running 10 km from any town along a gravel road. And then an hour later I doubled back as I ran back to my car. I was worried they thought I was scouting out the place. Any way, it was a good excuse to just keep going and not stop for a walk break. Maybe they were analyzing my gait, or laughing at my pained expressions. I was probably the most entertaining thing they had seen all day.

Maybe I will choose a different route next weekend.

It appears I run differently when people are watching.

Anyway here are the pictures of the approaching storm that chased me all the way back to my car. It caught with about 3 km to go and I got quite wet.




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