Dodging the clouds

Swirling clouds threatening rain didn’t put an end to my run today. I did get wet, very wet. But half an hour out of two and a half when I thought I might have to do stairs indoors isn’t so bad.

I ran hill repeats at Glenbow Ranch provincial park. It is mostly a flat linear park along the river. But the parking is at the top of the valley so you need to go down some steep trails about 50m vertical to the bottom. I used this elevation change for my hill repeats on the various trails.

It actually is a very interesting park. It is only a few years old and best explored on bike due to its extensive length and well groomed trails. It is still part of an active ranch. For example I was passed by two cowboys on horses today. I had to keep ahead of them for a bit on the narrow trail. At least they were not driving any cattle. That would have been awkward on the trail.

The park has a whole bunch of old barns, fences and other signs of the ranching history of the area.

All types of trails for all types of runners – paved, gravel, grass, and dirt (mud today during the rain)

And the views of the Rocky mountains are usually amazing when it is clear enough. It wasn’t quite clear enough today but the valley was still stunning.

Location: several kms east of Cochrane, Alberta, along the Bow River








Author: Kevin

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