Keeping my Feet Inspired All Day Long

I love a work place where you can wear your running shoes all day and no one even looks twice or comments on it. Everyone here knows I might jump up at any time and go for a run at lunch, late lunch, coffee break, or just run home.

My most comfortable shoes are running shoes. Why not wear them as much as possible? Why not keep my feet inspired all day to run?

Thinking about it, I don’t have many shoes that are not running shoes. Hmm, maybe I should diversify my footwear. But no, I have enough shoes already. I don’t need more (unless it is another pair of runners).


Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

3 thoughts on “Keeping my Feet Inspired All Day Long”

  1. When I worked for NORTEL in Santa Clara CA. As a engineer we were free to wear pretty much anything we wanted. It was the culture of the Silicon Valley. Where I work now is like being pushed into the business days of the 50’s and 60’s I feel lucky that my boss doesn’t push us to ware a tie. I fail to understand why these nomads haven’t figured out yet that when people are comfortable they tend to be more productive.

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