Use it or lose it – Paskapoo Slopes

Paskapoo Slopes, also known as COP Eastlands, is several hundred acres of undeveloped land that is surrounded by residential development in Calgary. One way local residents are protesting the rezoning and development of this land is to actually use it as a park instead of letting it sit. Runners and mountain bikers are flocking to this area to maximize use of the land before construction starts up again this summer.


I have run here a lot in the last few years. It is just out my door and has excellent unimproved trails. There are no official bridges for the many creek crossings, just wooden planks and boards and rocks to mostly keep from getting wet. Rugged.


To ensure that much of this land is saved for park instead of box stores and suburban development, it must get used.

On Sunday I ran 22km of amazing trails. Lots of hills, lots of trees, lots of viewpoints, very accessible. There are many ways to get the 100m vertical from bottom to top. Perfect for hill repeats or just winding up and down the trails.

Last summer there was a moose living here which I came across one day. It was a heart pounding few minutes until he let us past. But I am not sure he is still here, probably moving on with all the neighboring construction.






COP Eastlands
COP Eastlands

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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