Surviving the whole half

My amazing daughter and I finished the grueling full half marathon on Sunday. I am so proud of her sticking to the training and pushing through to the finish line.

The Calgary marathon put on an amazing weekend with an excellent course, volunteers and aid stations (we know because we made full use of the aid stations and the toilets).

Even with a 6:30 start there was no worries about having to decide what to wear. No one wore long sleeves. The weather was pretty much perfect.

We both had to push through the pain and ignore all the other faster runners out there. But in the last km we dug deep and even passed a whole bunch of others. And we finished in 2:04 in her first half.

Before we even left the grounds my girls were asking to do it again next year. That’s a good sign of a great event.




Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

8 thoughts on “Surviving the whole half”

  1. Hi Kevin, Just caught up with your blog about the Calgary Marathon.
    We’re a partner of the Calgary Marathon and your medals have been designed to take an iTaB – an insert which fits into the back of the medal with your name and finish time. (I can send you a picture))
    If you send me your address details and finish times for you and your Daughter we’ll send these to you complimentary, so you can record your achievement. Kind regards. Gary.

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