Do everything in moderation? I don’t think so!

My 12 year old can definitely grind out a 10k and not leave anything on the line. She gives it everything she has and doesn’t let anything get in her way. This weekend at the Calgary Marathon’s 10k race, she started with the stroller division (because of the cute entrants), which she ditched within the first 50m. She ran with a friend for then next few hundred meters, then realized this was much too slow. Then she zigzaged through the crowd to make up for lost time. Even with her one-minded determinedness to do her best, she did happen to notice (and remember) Elvis singing on the sidelines. And then on the sprint to the finish she didn’t let anything stop her goal to get a PR. And she did get a PR – better than 58 minutes for the 10km – even with starting with the stroller division.

She was exhausted and hobbling afterward but with the biggest smile because she had done her best.

Since we had to stick around to cheer on other runners in other events, she eventually got bored. So she found a way into the 5k a couple hours later. Her excuse was that she liked the 5k medal better than the 10k medal. And of course she didn’t leave anything on the line for that race either. Her face on the pictures was pure tenacity and determination, even though she was exhausted and in pain from the start.

When I am racing, I regularly contemplate the pain I will be feeling the next day and analyzing how fast I am willing to go to moderate the pain. But my daughter seemingly doesn’t think of the next day.

The next day she was definitely hobbling around and not willingly going downstairs even to get ice cream. But she slept soundly!

Make sure you do enough every day, to fall into bed exhausted, not leaving any regrets behind.

Pre-race prep


She’s the one in front in yellow after her first medal.


The finish line



Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

3 thoughts on “Do everything in moderation? I don’t think so!”

  1. Congrats to your daughter! I think she has the right attitude. Our kids are also teachers!

    I race the same way. Who cares about the pain the next day. I get that from training, too. A race is where I give everything I have that day. When I think I left something on the course I regret it later, even if I had a strong time. As good a runner as you are, you might benefit from more life in the moment. Just a suggestion!

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