Mountains are made for climbing – Ha Ling Peak

On Friday, we did one of those “epic” climbs.

From the backseat: “Which mountain are we climbing?”

“Not that one? Are we?”

“We’re crazy!”

From the frontseat: “Yup, we’re crazy”

We climbed the backside of Ha Ling Peak and got right to the peak. 800m vertical over only a few km. 2.5 hours up, 1.5 hours down. 1 hour of viewing and basking in the sun at the top. There was absolutely no wind and virtually no clouds while at the top.

IMG_20150515_161109442_HDR (576x1024)

There was a lot of trees to get through before there was a view. But the trail was well trodden and not too muddy. Even most of the snow and ice was gone by mid-May.

Very steep! Like 30% steep. Slow hiking for sure.

IMG_20150515_113927737 (576x1024)

IMG_20150515_130016709 (576x1024)

IMG_20150515_125639213_HDR (1024x576)

IMG_20150515_131649934_HDR (1024x576)

And we got to the peak

IMG_20150515_133848422 (1024x576)

IMG_20150515_133343326 (1024x576) IMG_20150515_132706232 (1024x576)

From the top we could check out the peaks on the other side of the valley for more inspiration (but that would have to be another day)

IMG_20150515_135205629_HDR (1024x576)     IMG_20150515_133058419 (1024x576)

So amazing to live this close to the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

The trail head is 15 minutes south of Canmore, Alberta. The town you see from the peak is Canmore. I am definitely thinking of retiring in Canmore (but that’s 20+ years away). Hopefully I can still do these hikes then.

More information on this trail here.

Other hikes we’ve done in the Rockies here

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