From the sidelines…

This last weekend, I’ve had the pleasure of cheering on my teen daughters in their races. Both Sunday and Tuesday were beautiful days to be on the sidelines. It feels weird that I’m not running also, but cheering and encouraging them is also very rewarding.

They both ran in the Calgary Mother’s Day 10k. They were supposed to take it easy in this race on Sunday so they would be fresh for the race they really wanted to do well at – their school track meet on Tuesday. However, my younger daughter PR’ed, and the older one also ran a lot harder than she should have. In addition they had both run 7km on Saturday as a warm up run for the running team they are raising money for. So having run 17k on the weekend, they weren’t quite as pain free as they wanted to be for Tuesday. But they gave it everything they had. I love seeing them put all their energies into something and then do really well. Way to go!

These last few months they have been training and staying in shape for their big goal of their running the Scotiabank Calgary Charity Run. One is doing the half and the other is doing the 10k. I’m really proud of them to set these goals and to use these races to raise funds for charity.

They must have picked up this crazy running thing from someone…hmmm. I wonder who?



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