Mona Lisa on the Run

One thing they do way better in the UK than us Canadians (and Americans) is wear “fancy dress” during races. Brits get much more creative and are much braver when it comes to standing out in a marathon crowd with costumes of superheros, bananas, chickens, rubic’s cubes, and this my favourite so far, the Mona Lisa. Yes the painting. Check out this post¬†from “Running is Funny”.

Or two guys in a camel costume.

Just google it. “marathon costumes”

Be inspired!

I don’t think I’m up for it (chaffing, heat, drinking water difficulties, need to practice with costume, etc).

But you got to love the creativity. If 26.2 ever gets boring, spice it up a little.


Mona Lisa marathon runner Gemma Kirkham.


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