Vancouver Marathon Preview

I’m really looking forward to the BMO Vancouver Marathon. This was my first marathon in 2006, 10 years ago. At the time I really didn’t know what to expect. I had trained all winter mostly outside in a frigid remote corner of northern BC and then showed up on race day with a drizzle that lasted most of the race. Definitely not what I had trained in.

I ran it a second time in 2010, and it drizzled then too – miserable conditions.

Again I have been training mostly outside in a Calgary winter (think dry and cold) and have not had to run in rain in many months. The current forecast is for sun, but we know that Vancouver and rain go hand in hand.

This time I have 12 marathons (or longer) under my belt. My expectations of what a marathon feels like should be more accurate this time around. I don’t think its going to be any easier, just that I know how much it will hurt. Even after 12 marathons, a marathon hasn’t gotten any shorter, it is still a LONG way.

I’m flying on Friday, so I have most of Friday and Saturday to acclimatize, and chill out. Then I’ll join the throngs on Sunday morning to run the beautiful point to point route along the ocean, the seawall, the beaches, and through my alma mater, UBC.

The one hill that I’m worried about wasn’t on the route last time. It is 1.5km long at 5% slope. And the downhill portion is about the same. So by about the half way point I expect my quads will be trashed and my lungs will be burned up. But I tell myself, not to worry about the hills until they are in front of me. Let them do their worst. I’ll be ready for them.

2006: 3:36

2010: 3:21

2015: Hoping for 3:09 but that might be a stretch (and then a hobble and some moans the next day)




Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

2 thoughts on “Vancouver Marathon Preview”

  1. Holy cow! Twelve marathons (or longer) in ten years!!! I am impressed. I guess you would have a very good idea of your capability with all that running under your belt, so the 3:09 target must be realistic. Good luck!

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