Tapering is the Pits!

All this energy! Feeling really fit. Feeling I could run forever. But forcing myself to run less and sit more. Yes, sit more. Trying to keep the legs fresh. Still eating a lot even though I’m not burning it this week. And sleeping a lot.

The week before a marathon is the pits. I need to rest and trust that my training has worked. I need to stop worrying that that I’m getting sick.

But on the upside, the niggles in my legs are going away. I have time and energy to do a little more in the evenings. And I suddenly have more family time. And I have time to plan my travel and couple days in Vancouver prior to the event.

I don’t think my fitness will decrease this week but I’m still running a couple 5k training runs, and one semi-fast speed work session this afternoon.

And this is the week to check that I am signed up for another race, so I have a goal as soon as I am done the marathon. I am indeed signed up, but I can’t focus on that one yet. I need to get through this week. Next week, while I am still hobbling and moaning, I can plan my training session for the next one.

For this week, I need to dispel the worries, anxiety, and what-ifs. I trained for this, I can do this.

Here’s some more advice from another taper-er who is also perhaps “cranky, irrational & moody”.

And another arcle: “You’re Probably Tapering for a Marathon if…”

Any other advice for race week?



Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

2 thoughts on “Tapering is the Pits!”

  1. Sounds to me as though you’re in great shape for an excellent time, Kevin (not that I’m an any sort of expert!). The idea of planning the next event is new to me, but makes sense in terms of giving you a positive outlook.

    The weather forecast looks great. I wouldn’t relish the thought of standing around waiting to start in heavy rain, so the prospect of a cool but fine day would please me enormously.

    I’m really looking forward to reading your report of the race.

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