Not forgetting the core

This last month I have been fairly consistent with the stretching and core workouts. Two to three times per week for 20 minutes seems to be about enough for me. I could definitely do more but it is hard to make it a priority.

My current routine is 4 or 5 upper leg and hip stretches, 2 sets of situps and pushups, and shallow knee bends. This routine definitely changes as I have more or less time and as the “event” gets closer. My Sunday swimming and bike commuting are adding to the core so I feel I should be in fairly good core shape by May 3rd – my upcoming marathon.

My daughter just got a new bike so the family bike rides should be a good excuse for some casual leg stretching over the next few weeks.

For me, keeping that core strong is nearly as important as speed work.


Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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