Is it the shoes?

It’s down to the last five and a half weeks until the big marathon – Vancouver Marathon – May 3. The distances are getting really long, and the pressure is on to keep up the speed on the tempo runs. I’d really love to nearly meet or beat my best marathon time, but I don’t know if that really is a possibility. Some days I feel fast, but my longish run yesterday was painfully slow.

This weekend is a fast 15km and then a long 32km. We’ll see how this weekend goes and then I’ll know a little clearer what I’m capable of.

I know the last couple times when I was in the 3:09 to 3:20 range for marathon times, that the training really hurt too. And at that time I was surprised by how fast I was able to go on game day. Hopefully this time is the same.

Maybe it’s the shoes? My better times this season have been with my zero drop shoes but I can’t go beyond 20km without destorying my calves. My “normal” running shoes are more comfortable for longer runs, but why do my legs tire so much sooner?

I’m still experimenting with shoes with only 38 days to go. This shouldn’t be!


Author: Kevin

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6 thoughts on “Is it the shoes?”

    1. Thanks for the confidence. I wouldn’t think it would be the shoes either. It is probably my mind playing tricks on me telling me when to be tired and slow down.


  1. Also you should be feeling tired you are in your peak phase. Have a good taper, and race day will be golden. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about the marathon it is on my bucket lisy

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  2. I transitioned to zero drop shoes and it worked out pretty well. I bought a new pair, Altra Superior 2, and I had calf and Achilles issues almost immediately. I think some shoes just don’t mesh with some feet. Just my experience, but I went to a shoe that I’ve had success with in the past and now I feel much better.

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  3. I use my zero drop for about 2 runs per week and the normal ones for the other 3. Maybe next training cycle I should increase the ratio so I get used to them faster. Too late for that this time, I fear.


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