Froot loop bowls for race hardware

My young teen daughters picked up their hardware tonight from the cross country series they ran through the winter. Great job girls and go back for more next year!

I am really proud of the effort they put in. And they continue to smile through that brutal mud, ice and hills.

The age placement prizes were very practical – large customized ceramic mugs / bowls (for their froot loops of course).


image for more info on the series

Hard effort but miserably slow

My speed repeats felt terribly slow today. I started at work and ran home so I was already tired from the day. Then the wind was in my face the whole way back.

On most runs you get to loop back so the wind should theoretically be at your back for half the run. Not the case when you run in one direction and you can’t pick which direction that’s going to be.

I am sure it wasn’t as slow as I feared but it felt slower on each repeat. But it is about the effort, not the speed, right? And I did put in a lot of effort.



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