It’s complicated

There’s has got ot be a better way to manage my running and biking clothes at work. It is complicated. I have a system that works most of the time but when it fails, it fails miserably.

It failed this week. Yesterday I took the bus in and then ran home. Today I biked in. Wednesday, I ran at lunch.

Now I have 3 jackets (2 of which are thick winter coats), 3 pairs of shoes (no running shoes), 3 pairs of pants and 2 backpacks hanging behind my office door right now. The problem is that I don’t run or bike to work every day. Sometimes I take the bus, and sometimes I only run one direction and take the bus in the other direction. And some days I run at lunch.


Now I have the challenge to get it all home for the weekend on my bike (including my laptop) in one small backpack. And then to get some of it back on Monday after it is washed.

If I could pre-pick my mobility method to / from work and then meticulously plan the week out, theoretically it could work. But alas, plans are prone to change, and my plans don’t have that much detail.

Idea #1: Work from home (not going to happen)

Idea #2: Laundry service at work (not going to happen)

Idea #3: Drive on Mondays and Fridays (not going to happen)

Idea #4: Get a bigger backpack to lug it all around (maybe, but awkward)

Idea #5: Wear the same work clothes all week (hmmm, maybe)

Idea #6: Make a spreadsheet to optimize clothing transportation methods (hmmm, I like spreadsheets)

Other ideas?

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