Mud, Ice, Blood, Oh My!

Today’s cross-country race was a sloppy mess. The conditions were a disaster but that definitely added to the fun.

The weather has been all over the place in the last few days. When they scouted the route last night it had a lot of snow on it. When they flagged it this morning, they were worried about the icy conditions. By the time we ran it at noon, there was a lot of mud and water (and still lots of ice). And the ice bridge across the creek was very iffy whether it would hold or not.

The route criss-crossed a creek in a linear park called Fish Creek Park in Calgary. The creek was flowing mostly open but in places it flowed under the ice. The single track was slushy, and muddy. There were a lot of wipeouts, scratches, and blood. One section went up a hill through the knee high prickles. Ouch! Also several water crossing causing very wet feet.

And then to add more entertainment, we had 2 sections of about 400m each where the flags had been stolen. A lot of people started second guessing and back tracking even though there was no other obvious route through the muck and mire.

At one point our group of 15 had to suddenly backtrack when the flags seemed to run out again. However, we had just missed the turn. When we turned around, those of us at the back of the group were suddenly in the front again. Woohoo! That doesn’t happen often to me but I’ll take it when I get it. But then I had to lead through the mess.

We had a sunny day and I even got a little wind burn on my face. All part of the adventure. Another successful race.

Happy trails.





My introduction to the Grand Prix Cross Country Series by Calgary Road Runners.

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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