Dealing With Rough Runs

I had one of those horrible no-good very bad runs the other day. They happen. But slogging through them makes you mentally stronger and better prepared for race day. Great advice from Sarah at Running on Healthy.

Running On Healthy

I mentioned the other day that I love long runs, but that definitely doesn’t mean that they are all stellar, or even fun.  Everyone has rough long runs, regardless of their experience or pace.  But we can all learn from those rough ones and become better runners because of them.
Sometimes I head out the door and feel great.  I am ready for the run and have a sense that everything is going to go really well.  But at some point my body starts to shut down or my mind starts to play tricks on me.  These are frustrating moments because you start out with the best of intentions and a great attitude.  But some days are just not meant to be.
Other times the weather just plain doesn’t want to cooperate.  I once went on what was supposed to be a simple six mile run with my husband on a terribly humid day. …

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