Lurching through Instagram – What’s the Shtick?

I don’t get the rhythm of Instagram.

I just started with Instagram and I quickly realized it was similar to Twitter but different enough that I still don’t understand what makes it tick. I was hoping to subscribe to some users and hashtags to get photos of trail running, and epic nature shots with runners. But on the official Instagram app you can’t subscribe to #hashtags. And the people you follow don’t necessarily post consistent themes.

And you can’t repost someone else’s stuff. So how does a newbie instagrammer get followers (if that is the point)?

Maybe I need a new app.

Does anyone have suggestions on some great running hashtags to search or users to follow? I have found #trailrunning #running and a couple others. And of course the shoe companies all have active accounts.

Other tips and tricks?

My free tip of the week (stolen off the internet) is this aritcle on how best to use #hashtags on any social platform.


You will find me lurching (aka Jeff Galloway’s Run/Walk Method) through Instagram at @trail_runner_guy, and Twitter at @kwiens4

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

4 thoughts on “Lurching through Instagram – What’s the Shtick?”

  1. The #trailrunning hashtag is a great start. Also try #taur, #trailandultra, #dirtbagrunners, #trailporn, #ultratraining. As for users, I’m a fan of these folks. Not all runners, but all trail-lovers: @sarcasminspandex, @nicklauscombs, @itsrunnable, @rockcreekrunner, @emmhaskett, @dirtrunner65, @happytrails08, @backpackermag, @mikewardian, @desplint, @paulblankman, @scottjurek, @tinaemelie, @geologistrunner, @mtnsandmiles, @sarah_b13, @rainshadowrunning, @beckywleung, @nwheather, @sheltonjenn, @paceonearth, @kimberleydt, @ethannewberry

    Happy ‘gramming!


  2. I’m not on Instagram yet, I’m probably more lost than you are! This stuff is super confusing to me haha


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