Places to run – Haiti?

Can I? Should I? Does anyone run in Haiti? It is too hot. There are no trails.  The traffic is too crazy. Can’t go out alone. Can’t speak the language if I get lost.

Last time I was in Haiti I ran 400m up and down the beach repeatedly just so I could stay in sight of the hotel. This time it doesn’t seem like running is much of a possibility. The highway is too busy to run on and the beach is only 50m long. Maybe I will have to get creative and just do core work.

If it’s not the traffic which makes it tough to run…


… It’s the livestock that can be frightening.


Stay tuned. This trip is 2 weeks long and I can’t go that long without running.

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

2 thoughts on “Places to run – Haiti?”

  1. Hi! I went to Haiti in 2012, 4 times between august and october, and managed to run twice during my 2nd trip (both were 10k runs), because I went outside Port-au-Prince. It was nice in both Saint-Marc (I was in a hotel south from the city, so I ran in the PaP-St Marc road) and Torbeck (ran in the road going to Les Cayes). People were nice, met some local runners. I ran early (just at sunrise, around 6am) so there was not much traffic, and dogs did not came after me… I never tried running in PaP, as it didn’t feel as friendly as the outskirts. I also tried the beach once, barefoot, but it was really a short beach (club Indigo), and the sand was too coarse, so it ended up badly… Enjoy your runs!

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