What? No coffee?

This week is my last week of coffee until May. That should be 10 weeks of being coffee free if I can stick it out.

I have done this ritual in recent years and it seems to work for me in the leadup to a marathon.


It started when I heard that caffeine has a bigger kick on race day if you are not a coffee drinker normally. And I wanted a big kick. So that first year I stopped caffeine for 3 weeks before the race. Then of course I had a cup or two on race morning. Well it worked. I got the kick I wanted.

The next year my pastor challenged us to give up something during Lent (the 6 weeks leading up to Easter). Easter that year happened to be close to the race. Well, I have made it a tradition now to give up coffee for my spring marathons.

The first few days are not easy but I ease into it by drinking caffeinated tea instead. And the kick on race day? It makes you feel like a million bucks.

So there is my plan for getting and maximizing legal performance enhancing drugs.

But today is not quite the last day and neither is tomorrow so I think I will just have another cup of java right now.

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