Sunday morning cruising

After a hard run on Saturday, I was looking forward to a much easier effort on Sunday. An out and back along my trusted river side route in Edworthy toward downtown was in order. By starting an hour later than normal for Sunday mornings, I seemed to meet all the other Sunday morning running groups running the other way. Everyone seemed to be out this morning and everyone was especially cheery. Couldn’t figure out why. Maybe the new cold snap froze their smiles into grimaces.

With almost no ice on the trail and yesterday’s new snow already brushed off, I was prepared for a great run.

On the return of the out and back, I realized why everyone was so bundled up. The wind! I had not realized I was running with the wind. So as I turned around, I had to fish for my now frozen stiff face mask. Of course it doesn’t fit well until it regains its softness (and gross wetness). It seemed to me that all the runners that had turned around and were not running toward me again were smiling a lot more than I now was (maybe because they were not running against with the wind any more).

All in all a good 12km at an easy pace.

The river ice and fog together with the morning sun made for a couple great pictures.




Early Sunday runs make for a great start to a Sunday to end off the weekend.

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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