Places to Run – West Bragg Creek

West Brag Creek trail head is 45 minutes west of Calgary where the Rocky Mountain foothills start. There is an amazing trail system for running and hiking in a park called Kananaskis Country. From the trail head in West Bragg Creek there is a parallel system for xc skiing and snowshoeing.

And this area gets just a bit more snowfall than Calgary which is usually good but sometimes the trails are that much tougher. Since the trails are heavily treed the wind is never as bad and it just feels not as cold. However there can be a lot of ice on some parts of the trails, so bring your traction in the winter.

Imaginative trail names like Strange Brew, Snagmore Trail, Bobcat, and Braggin Rights make you wonder what the trail makers were thinking. And then you get on the trail and you start to understand where they are coming from.

On Saturday we did a trail loop of 19 km (100% single track!!) which included about 700m of elevation. There are so many options for different lengths but they all have long hills which never seem to end.

By the time we left at 1pm the parking lot was packed with cross country skiers. I don’t know if there was a competition today but I was thankful there was both ski trails and running trails.

image image image image



Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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