Big weekends

It was a big weekend of training again.

Saturday I hit my fastest 5k since April. It helps that the morning board meeting was long and frustrating.

Sunday I hit my fastest 21k in 6 months. An action packed audio book helped on this one.

Sunday morning included 3100m (1hr 20min) swimming. Longest swim in several years. My daughter (swim partner) wouldn’t settle for doing less. Good thing I didn’t have to stack chairs after church today. My arms would have fallen off.

Sunday afternoon included a 1.5 hour family walk in the sunshine. I will blame this one on my wife who loves soaking up the sunshine and my camera happy daughter.

Trail running in Calgary

This training season is heating up. Two more big weeks then it will be a step back week.

I am feeling good so far considering it is only 13 weeks before my next A race  – Vancouver Marathon.

Unfortunately I cannot sleep in tomorrow. Work calls. But my legs will be taking it much easier tomorrow.

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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