Adding stunts to cross country?

“Cross country has suddenly become boring.”

I am sure my daughter was thinking this when we were introduced to a parkour gym last night. Parkour is basically running and doing stunts on anything you can find. Jumping over stuff, bouncing, climbing, sliding. And of course back flips. This gym had walls, poles, ramps, and mats. But the idea is to do it outside in parks on benches and trees and tables.




In the morning my daughter had an amazing cross country run where she kept up to her older sister and will be very stiff for a few days for her efforts. Then in the evening we went to this parkour gym where she got to try out the equipment. Now she is eying up how to scale everything in the house including the kitchen cabinets. But next up is more cross country. More indoor parkour is not in the cards but perhaps some mixture of the two would add some excitement to the cross country. Hmm, point system for stunts in long distance running? image


This was put here just for me, I think
This was put here just for me, I think

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Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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