Time on my feet – Ideas for more?

Time on my feet is the advice I am getting on how to train smarter for these ultra-long races.

How do you get more time in your feet when you have a desk job? Besides running more and more recreation time, I am running short on ideas.

I guess I could do more walking. Say walking to get groceries or walking to a further bus stop.

One idea is to get a standing desk. You know the kind you stand at with your computer raised up too. I tried to modify my workspace to raise my screen and keyboard and it has worked for maybe an hour at a time but I end up leaning on one leg and getting tired out and then just sitting because my chair is right there and because it is so easy to take the box out from under the screen. Maybe if it wasn’t so easy to switch back and forth it would be easier to stick with. The real standing desks look so expensive.

I have tried standing while in the bus instead of sitting. Yeah, I am the guy everyone is staring at.

I already stand while I brush my teeth (of course) but not while I eat with my family. However that would not be conducive to family time at the dinner table.

Reading a book while standing doesn’t sound very relaxing which is what reading is for, isn’t it?


Any other ideas? Has any one given you this kind of training advice?

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

3 thoughts on “Time on my feet – Ideas for more?”

  1. Sleep standing up ? 🙂
    Not sure how long your lunch break is, but maybe you could get a run, or a walk, in during lunch hour. Also, if you could take 10min ‘walk’ breaks in the office that would give you more time on your feet. If you’re the presenter/lead at a meeting, do it standing. I’ll have to ask my friends what they do…

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