Left behind when the coop flew south

From the lesser traveled trail by the river, I spotted where all the ducks and geese appear to go when it gets this cold (if they happened to miss the memo that it was time to fly south about 3 months ago). How do they survive? I have no idea.


The beautiful Bow River running out of the Rocky Mountains runs right past my house.



And this is from my bed this morning when even the sunrise couldn’t get me out of bed. The -21c before wind chill was the trump card to keep me in bed. The afternoon was not any warmer but at least my brain was in gear at that time.



Single track in the snow was in the cards today. Better than the treadmill any day (well most days).

Getting out there and having fun at it (and somewhat jealous of my friends taking holidays in warmer latitudes).

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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