Another one for the epic list!

4k uphill in 6″ fresh powder and 4k non-stop downhill. The downhill is definitely worse for being able to walk after. But it is so much fun!

I just might have to do it again before we leave tomorrow.




I could see the whole valley at the turn around point. But that was probably only half way up the mountain. Any higher and the clouds would have ruined the view. I will have to come back in the summer and go right to the top. Unfortunately we are going home tomorrow.


The bikers and snow boarders love hiking up and flying down.

12% average slope. A little less slope would have made it more runnable especially with the snow. But the periods of fast hiking kept the heart  pumping.

Another one for the epic list!

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

One thought on “Another one for the epic list!”

  1. Good grief, Kevin! Do you actually RUN 4k up a 12% grade? In the snow?

    I’ve been complaining about a couple of steep hills (~10% grade) that are less than 1/2 mile (<0.8k); on those hills, I cannot maintain a pace that I consider a running pace (~10:00/mi, ~6:12/km)–my hat's off to you!


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