Frozen wetlands have no mosquitos

On a whim I decided to try out a new trail today. 15 minute drive so l had a vague recollection what the trail was like. It followed a small river snaking through the wetlands adjacent to a housing development.

In my 2 hours of running I maybe passed 20 groups of people so that’s not bad. Not as isolated as I had hoped but not crowded.

But the trails were very icy and I had to keep my pace very slow and my steps quite precise on the slipperiest parts.
Just as I was finishing the sunset came out. I guess on the shortest day of the year you can expect that.

Elbow River, upstream from Glenmore Reservoir


Carefully placed rock bridge. Cool.
Super icy in a lot of spots.

The trail was 5km one direction. I had hoped there would at least be a loop. So that was one down side to this trail
But if I remember right and from indications on the trail this area can get very wet in spring and summer.


Scene from a horror flick? Feels like it.

So this park is called Griffiths Park in Discovery Ridge in SW Calgary

And a bonus at this time of year is that even the wetlands have no mosquito’s.

2 loops for 20 km

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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