Cramming it all in – what happens when you lose track of your distance goal

So much for finishing the year nice and easy. My easy days ended exactly 5 days ago when I realized I wouldn’t meet my goal for the year. So I’m trying to cram it all in.

I am going very slow so I don’t get injured but I’m going long. These back to back long days are unusual for this time of year for me but so far it’s working.

My Google Fit said I did 98,000 steps in 4 days. That is from running 20 km x 3 days plus 12 km yesterday plus 2 hour hike, plus Christmas shopping. Of course, the most tiring part is the Christmas shopping, but that is done now.



Now I just have to average 8 km per day to the end of the year and I will have made it. That sounds do-able. Just don’t overdo it, I keep telling myself. Don’t ruin your January training.

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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