Still streaking

December 12th = 12 days of continuing the running streak

Inbetween a slow November of running and the need to ramp up the training in January, this December run steak seems to be just right for me. No pressure to run any big distances, or to run any particular times. I don’t even have to run hills or intervals.
I just have to run every day for at least a mile. Most of my days have been 5km so that is enough to keep my legs loose.
My kids roll their eyes but they do make sure I get out every day.

Yes the cold days can be miserable and there is no choice but to get out there. But if you are wishing more people would call you crazy, this is the challenge for you.

And it doesn’t have to stop on January 1st but that would only be for the most crazy ones of us out there

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

2 thoughts on “Still streaking”

  1. I may need to give a streak a try! Winter weather has really dampened my running mileage! How long are you planning to streak?


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