Snow, Trails and Sunshine

Winter Running in Kananaskis near Bragg Creek.

Deep snow. Lots of trees. Lots of sunshine. The run was all too short.

Very tough running in the pitted snow covered trail today.

Enough snow that the bridges weren’t necessary for the small creeks.
Well troden packed snow trails today. But the footprints made it hard running.


I didn’t have enough time to get to the lookout at Fullerton Loop, since my family was waiting for me at the car but the trees and adjacent river were just beautiful.

Yeah, a trail without bikes! There are definitely bikes in the area (even in the winter) so you have to be careful on blind corners on some of these trails. But today it was Christmas trees being dragged back to cars that you had to sidestep. 
These trails aren’t always passable with dry feet, but today was okay.
Elbow River beyond the trees



It must have been national Christmas tree cutting day. We saw hundred of cars returning from this area with trees strapped to their roofs. Even a few people retrieving trees that had previously been on their roofs.

Definitely a great place for your perfect Christmas tree on a perfect Sunday afternoon.

Elbow Falls, just down the road from Fullerton Loop

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

4 thoughts on “Snow, Trails and Sunshine”

    1. It is one of those designated areas where you can cut your own Christmas trees. It is quite a tradition and since it is within an hour of the city it is a quite popular area


      1. Oh 🙂 I’m from the middle of nowhere, so that’s kind of strange. If we have a park like that it’s a protected area. You’d lose your head for chopping a tree… even if it is Christmas 🙂


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