Cross Training with my Family

Spending time with the family outside has in recent years gradually turned into cross training for me. Family time used to involve strolls down the block or short slow walks or bike rides. But as they have grown up my 2 girls have gotten much faster and stronger. At 12 and 13 I can still keep ahead of them but it is not always just a”walk in the park” anymore.

Following in my footsteps

I head to the pool once per week with my 13 year old to do minimum 1500m which takes us about 45 minutes. It is not an inconsequential wade in the kiddie pool anymore.  Also our bike rides are not so slow as they used to be when they had 12″ tires. And when there is a hike, it often involves a mountain instead of a swing set as the goal.
It’s amazing to see them growing up. It won’t be too many more years until I can’t keep up. But until then, no way are they going to beat me!

Dreaming about the peak

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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