Getting to know the couch (aka not really training)

I am in a pretty quiet zone in my training. At least in the actual running part of the training.


I ran my A race in mid September as my last hurrah for the season. In October I rarely ran choosing rather to bike commute to keep up the fitness. In November I ramped it up to 30 km per week plus core workouts opting to just keep it slow and let the niggles of my hamstring cool down a bit more.
The plan is more ramping up in December consisting of a 31 day running streak but very few long or hard runs.
December motivation = #Stridesrunstreak (or #RWrunstreak)

I will set my sights on January as the start of the season.
January motivation = jantastic from marathon talk

Still on the couch
Still on the couch

I started this blog last month and I’m devouring podcasts and blogs. And I’m dreaming of a destination marathon but that’s so far from reality I am not even researching it. Oh yeah, I’m also doing winter xc every 3 weekends. So I’m far from having forgotten about running I just haven’t done a lot of it.

But January should be GO TIME!

2015 Plan (as of today at least):
Feb – May = 16 weeks until Calgary Marathon
June – Aug 15 = 10 weeks to 80k Ironlegs

Even with all these plans the mantra is to be flexible with the training and expect it to change.

Yup still on the couch

Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

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